Sport kites, Sport Kite Design, Stunt Kites, Stunt Kite, It's A Breeze High Performance Sport Kites by Bob Childs featuring the Jabberwocky G2.
  It's A Breeze sport kites designed by Bob Childs.  

It's A Breeze Kites, designer of the Wizard and Jabberwocky G2, has created innovative and original sport kites since 1990. Founded by former sport kite competitor Bob Childs, It's A Breeze Kites continues to introduce creative and cutting edge design applications to the sport kite industry. We invite you to visit our web site and offer feedback so that we may continue to develop top quality sport kites for the next generation of pilots.

Check out the Jabberwocky G2 section for setup tips, articles, stunt kite tricks, pilot and professional reviews. If you already have a Jabberwocky G2 and would like to share your experiences, please take a moment and submit your review on the Jabberwocky G2 Pilot Review page.

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