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It's A Breeze Kites. High performance sport kites since 1990.
It's A Breeze Sport Kites.

It's A Breeze kites has produced top performing, original sport kites since 1990. Founded by former sport kite champion Bob Childs, It's A Breeze has earned a respectable reputation for designing sport kites that are on the leading edge.

The design philosophy of IAB is to promote innovation and technological advancement of sport kite wings that are user friendly and provide enhanced, competition level performance.

Creative design techniques such as Wing Silencers, Reflex Framing, and Natural Camber Adjustment Systems demonstrate our philosophy of "Gadgetless Wing Mechanics".

Spine tensioners, dailed trailing edges, aerodynamically sculpted wings, complimented by striking graphics are highlights of It's A Breeze sport kite designs.

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